OS 10.5 Leopard thoughts Part 1

osx-leopardI updated my iMac to Leopard a few weeks back. I still have mixed views on whether it is really that much better than Tiger. It is better, ascetically pleasing to eye better being the most obvious, but is it better for work? Better for design, better for working on the web?

I’m still trying to work it out, ultimately I guess yes, but I’m finding some of the bugs a little bit annoying. Or rather I am annoyed that Apple have once again decided to beta test their products on their customers!

For instance – my Lacie hard drive no longer spins down when it is not in use – why? No idea, but it means the drive gets unnecessary hot and have to manually eject it when not in use.

Another example – iDisk seems to screw-up every time I turn on its Syncing. Not just a weird screw-up, but a “I’m going to use up all your free space” screw-up. Again I can’t seem to find a reason why?

I’m sure things will be fixed and everything will work eventually. I just hate the unnecessary fiddling we seem to have to do these days to get things working, when all we really want to do is just use it to do some work…

…what, dare I ask, happened to the notion that Computers would make our lives easier?

2 thoughts on “OS 10.5 Leopard thoughts Part 1”

  1. I’ve had Macs since the fat mac. I’m beginning to wonder if Ballmer is secretly working for Apple. We haven’t had this many patches on an OS release before…

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