Explorers Room 29th December 2022

A Year of Explorations in Review

Catching up with the last Explorers Room with Flash Strap of 2022 ~ “A Year of Explorations in Review” 🎶 Stream it: https://www.wfmu.org/playlists/shows/123209Download it: http://mp3archives.wfmu.org/archive/kdb/mp3jump2010.mp3/0:8:0/0/EX/ex-20221229s.mp3

Detectorists (Blessing)

Detectorists Blessing!

The 2022 #Detectorists Christmas Special was perfect ~ the #Blessing has to be the highlight! And, Russell, I believe you’re going to read the blessing for us today. Our farmer, …

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Storytelling at Cranborne

Great night at Ancient Technology Centre in Cranborne listening to Nick Hennessey & Hugh Lupton tell stories of Robin Hood & other English Radicals ?

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