Festive Fun Everyone…

santaOK, so I’m not a big fan of all the fuss that seems to be made about Christmas these days. The prolonged shopping extravaganza washed all the fun out it for me years ago!

When summer is over, we seem to barely have time for All Hallows Eve and Guido Fawkes Night these days before the big bloke in the red suite is thrust down our throats 24/7.

I guess it can still be a little bit fun, meeting friends and family that we haven’t seen for a while, even some we haven’t seem since last Christmas (must make an effort to see them more!).

But it does depress me when I think just how much effort goes into it all for just one day – especially when everything has SALE slapped over it the day after!

Anyway, what every you thoughts, views or ideas – I wish you all some Festive Fun… hic!