Jumping on the Entrecard Bandwagon

entrecard-sample-2I’ve decided to give the latest self-promoting buzz a go – Entrecard is a weird little business card/advert sharing network that’s designed to allow like minded individuals to contact each other by leaving their 125 x 125 sized business cards on each others website.

You can also rent space (currently one day at a time) on sites displaying the Entrecard widget. You do this by using credits that you accumulate from either displaying cards on your own site, by clicks on your cards, or by dropping (leaving) your card at other sites. It sounds complicated, but it isn’t – trust me!

Credits can also be exchanged for real world goodies, but I haven’t earned enough credits yet, and the current list of goodies is very short.

Why all the fuss? Entrecard seems to be the next big thing in traffic generating ideas, and plays on the relatively new and fast becoming popular 125 x 125 sized adverts you see on such sites as ProBlogger.

The only problem I can see is that the card is actually 127 x 148 when Entrecard tags on the little “Drop yours” button and border. So it wouldn’t fit very well if you had a couple of rows of 125 x 125 adverts.

Anyway, some stats. I only signed up late last night, but my card seems to have brought in just over 50 new unique users in less than 24 hours. Whether they will return again or not remains to be seen, but the cards do seem to be working, and I guess it will boost my visits, readership and hopefully profits for a while.

Update: I’ve stopped using Entrecard and have no idea if it is really of any use these days. It kind of spiralled off into its own world and I found the content of most of the cards a little bit spammy!

8 thoughts on “Jumping on the Entrecard Bandwagon”

  1. Hey Danivian..

    Truth to say that Entrecard does gave a good return in traffics. Furthermore, it’s a good way of making friends in blogosphere. i do enjoyed using Entrecard.

    Bout the 127×148 sized, i don’t have problem with that.. Hey, everybody got their own problem, right? 🙂

  2. Welcome to Entrecard! I’ve found that my traffic has increased substantially, as has my Alexa rank, though my page views/visitor have dropped off quite a bit.

    Anyway – I think it’s well worth it – comment participation has increased, I’m getting TONS of new visitors, and I’ve found many interesting blogs to read!

    A. Caleb Hartley

  3. There are a few constants with Entrecard.com traffic.

    1. Traffic comes in spurts and you usually get the most when you first join.
    2. The traffic won’t continue is a positive manor
    3. The traffic you do get will mostly be other Entrecardmembers hitting your site, dropping their card and closing their browser.

    I find that the best thing that Entrecard is useful for is networking and that is a really important factor. Take the time to go through their directory and visit sites that interest you and make sure you drop in and comment on their site. I wish more people would take the time to check out the site they are dropping their card on, Networking is key and the Entrecard directory can be utilized as a very good contact list.

  4. @Billy, thanks for your comment.

    I must confess to having a bit of a blitz every now and then – just visiting sites to drop my card off so I can earn a few credits – but I have found some really interesting blogs/sites out there and definitely agree that it is a really useful way to network with like minded people.

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