100 Deadliest Karate Moves

Punch to GroinWhile running some key-word/niche searches I accidentally ran a search for .pdf – no name, just [dot] PDF as in an Adobe PDF document.

The list that came back was interesting as it appears to show an all to sorry story of what the internet is most commonly used for…

Out of the list of 100 or so results I looked at – that’s the search results I looked at, not the actual PDFs 😉 the following subjects and titles appeared the most:

  • Sex as in Playboy Magazines, Massage Secrets, How to get beautiful women and the Karma Sutra.
  • Conspiracy this, that and the other, 50 things you’re not supposed to know, Secret Societies, Free energy and who killed Elvis, Kennedy etc…
  • Health and Fitness, Body building Secrets, Lose weight fast, be Big and Strong, 101 workouts and my favourite, 100 Deadliest Karate Moves (looks like a great book!!!)

Some of the more sensible topics were: Learning a language, to cook or play a musical interment – i.e. speak Japanese, play the Piano and Cooking with Jamie Oliver for some weird reason?

Then followed the usual Windows this, that and the other for Dummies, How to crack this, that and the other application, network or firewall, and even more dummy guides for dummies!

There were some interesting results, but apart from the cooking and learning a new skill, most of them were for topics that generally give the internet a bad name. Why?

Still each to their own I guess – we do live in a free world after all… don’t we?

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