Twitter Updates for 2007-07-31

Currently Browsing: – checking my sites before settling down for a day of web-designing # Currently Browsing: I want an iPhone – 66 days to go…! # it …

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Sometimes I feel like Ratbert!

Today’s Dilbert strip made me chuckle, because there are times when I kind of feel a little bit like Ratbert. If there is only one thing I ‘must’ do every …

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I could let this one slip by

While scanning through my daily feeds, I happened upon a story linking to another article that linked to this: “Monkeys” [link] on what I think is a Russian(?) LiveJournal blog. …

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Interesting list of censored stories from 2005-2007

donotpublishWith the ever increasing speed and frenzy for supply the masses with information, it’s easy to see why some stories just don’t cut-it and make the headlines!

But then when you stop and think about all the negative news that’s pumped into almost every living room via the TV and browsed by thousands every day in newspapers and on the web, there shouldn’t really be an excuse to miss anything — should there?

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Just because your paranoid (Mac Security)

passwordprotectSecurity is always a good idea, it protects you from all those nasty viruses and evil hackers that you just know are lurking in the darker corners of the web, waiting silently to slip into you computer and take over your life!

But even if you have the best security in the world, it wont protect you from your office mates or so called friends who you invite around for a cup of coffee and a chat.

The perils of not password-protecting your computer is just as bad, we can laugh about it, but it can be a lot more dangerous than not running a firewall or not having anti-virus software installed. If you’re laughing at this right now, ask yourself, would you really let the person sitting next to you freely browse the contents of your computer?

Below are 5 simple steps to password protecting your Mac*

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New iMac Problems


I bought a new 20 inch Core Duo iMac a few months ago, my first Apple product in four years. Its clean edges look fantastic on the desk and it sits like a big brother next to my old 12 inch PowerBook G4 .

But after a few weeks (conveniently just out of the 14 day return policy) I started noticing something weird happening after waking the iMac from sleep mode. At first there was a weird flickering across the screen, the kind of flicker you get when degaussing a conventional monitor. But this seemed to last longer and longer with each sleep and eventually took over an hour to clear itself, and even longer if it had been in sleep mode overnight.

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Journal [dot] Davinian has left the building

Somethings are immortal, others just fade, becoming a distant memory! The demise of Journal [dot] Davinian is probably neither of those, and to be perfectly honest I’m glad… I guess …

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Things are progressing

OK, we are getting there, I'm in the middle of a re-think for the whole davinian website thing! Historically I have lots of mindless gibber in the Archives and I'm …

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Wait, hold on…

things are changing… So bare with me while I slap up some new paint!