Things are progressing

OK, we are getting there, I'm in the middle of a re-think for the whole davinian website thing!

Historically I have lots of mindless gibber in the Archives and I'm not sure if I want to carry it over to this new design. I have said some things in the past that on reflection, I'm not too proud of – although I do still stand by what I said at the time (I wouldn't ever back-track on that), but I do think that time has changed me and the way I see the world, and I feel if I was to do or say those things again, it would be different. So there is no point it keeping values I no longer stand by – is there?

So, instead of just filtering out the past – censoring by way of re-editing, I think I'm going to just drop the whole archive and start a fresh! I may port a few posts if there is the demand, but I doubt it very much as this site has never been very popular outside of my small circle of friends.

So if you happen to be looking for something in particular and can't find it – then drop my a message via the contact page, explaining what you are looking for and why, as I may just dig it out and send it to you.

For now, bare with me as things are likely to keep changing as I tweak a bit of this and that.

Stand strong against all odds – you are still an individual and should make your own decisions when you want to.