Tweaking a few things

After yesterdays stats overdose, I’m back on track – well I’m only checking stats every two hours and feel I can get myself back to only checking them twice a day again by the end of the week… I hope!

Anyway, just tweaked a few things here on Davinian:

  1. Removed the over-sized RSS logo from the top of the sidebar – I have no idea why I made it so big, but it was taking up too much room – so its gone and in its place I’ve added the Feedburner feed stats.
  2. After playing around with an additional ad on single posts, I’ve decided to move them from the top-right to the bottom of the post just above the comments area. I’ll continue to monitor its performance and see if it is really worth having a 3rd ad box at all.
  3. You may have noticed that there is now Related Posts at the bottom of ever post. I meant to implement this from the start, but completely forgot to add in he necessary code when I re-designed everything on the 14th August (I’m wondering what else I forgot?).

OK, not a bad few hours this morning – especially as I’m a little hung-over!