The resent Tumbr problems with the Thirty Day Challenge (see We have been Tumbld…) has caused a lot of people to have a re-think on what is really being taught in the challenge — is it genuine or a bit of a get rich quick thingy?

I’ve managed to escape having my account suspended on Tumbr, but that’s probably because I haven’t been using it for an TDC activities, in fact I’ve hardly used it at all…

So is it time for a switcheroo? No not at all — I’m still following and ultimately still taking part in the Thirty Day Challenge, as I have learnt some interesting tips, tricks and techniques — but I think it is good to keep your options open — especially when it come to trying to make money online.

That is why I am going to play catch up on the 31 Days to Building a better blog. When I say catch up what I really mean is I’m going to read everything as it has technically ended. If you not sure who Darren Rowse is, then head over to ProBlogger and check out the mountain of valuable information on making money from your blog — you should have already been reading it if you want to make money online anyway!

And if you are questioning the TDC, my advise is to stick with it as you will probable learn something out of it in the long run.

Update: I am in no way advocating The Thirty Day Challenge. I kind of lost interest with it anyway, partly because I really didn’t like the way it was originally being run. My advice if you are trying to make a living out of blogging is to do your research, look at everything, even the things that seem a bit dodgy – if you are worried, use a false name and a throw-away email address.